The Value of Face Time

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Marketing, Recruitment, Technology | Posted on 09-13-2007


When I saw earlier this week on their blog that FJ Gaylor Photography was in town, I knew it would be a great opportunity to shoot the breeze with a few other guys in the profession. I shot them an email, and last night we met up at a Starbucks near their hotel. What a great idea it was to get together with them. We ended up talking for nearly 3 hours!

I’ve found that when you’re feeling a little burnt out, a conference (or any interaction with others in the field outside of your workplace) is a great pick-me-up. But the thing is, I’m not even close to burnt out. I’m far from it! With the launch of our bloggers, forums, photos, emails going out daily, launching new sites and features every week, I’m loving every minute of this season. Even still, getting together with Fred and Joe was a great time just talking with a couple of guys who are “in” higher education through their line of work.

They had great insights on some things that universities are doing, aren’t doing, and are doing but shouldn’t be doing. I ran a few ideas by them and got some feedback based on what they’ve seen out there. We talked about my previous two posts on Facebook, the use of Facebook ads and polls, the validity of data/research being put out by companies (and whether we should really take it to heart) , other bloggers in the higher ed sector, conferences and their value, presenting at conferences and what it might entail, some cool websites, colleges who are trying to do things “because the other schools are doing it”, and much more. It was definitely a worthy investment of my time.

If you know Joe and Fred are going to be in your area [and they have some free time!], try and get together and pick each other’s brains. They’ve got great ideas and a great eye for a lot of things in Higher Ed, and they are very familiar with the electronic recruitment side of things.

Thanks FJ Gaylor!

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No Brad, THANK YOU, we had a wonderful time, the energy and passion you carry with yourself is great, don’t lose it.. Thanks for the post its great. Have a great weekend

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