Conference Season has Arrived

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education | Posted on 09-18-2007


It’s official, I’m heading to the Stamats Generating Successful Interactive Marketing Strategies Conference in San Diego, CA from Nov. 7-10. I went to the conference in Philly last October and had a great time. I meet a lot of awesome people in Higher Ed and heard a lot of great presentations. This year’s conference looks to be just as good so far. A lot of great presentations that I am looking forward to hearing, specifically Obadiah Greenburg from YouTube and Steve Kappler’s annual TeensTalk presentation. I’m a little sad to see that TargetX won’t be back this year.

I had considered the HighEdWebDev conference after hearing a few things about it, but……. New York in October, or San Diego in November? Not a hard choice for me. Plus, Stamats already proved to me last year that they can do a good conference, so I am going to stick with them again this year. HighEdWebDev looks to have a large variety of presentations to hear from, so I might look into them a little more next year… especially if the location change happens! (Who doesn’t view a conference as a mini-vacation at the same time??)

I’ll likely be live blogging from some of the presentations, so be sure to check back and see what’s happening if you aren’t there. If you are there, look me up and let’s chat!


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Brad, I’m wondering if it’s about the CONFERENCES or is it just a coincidence that the COLTS are going to be in San Diego that week.. Just Kidding

How sweet of you to miss us :) Wasn’t asked this time, but is always a treat to do the Stamats conferences. It’s a busy fall for us with new product launches and new clients, so getting tougher to get out to more and more conferences. But hopefully we’ll meet up on the road again!


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