Launching a Blogger Program: Part 3

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Marketing, Recruitment, Technology | Posted on 09-21-2007


Well, it’s finally out the door. Our blogs/photos/forums have launched at All 3 areas are fully integrated, and the site has a lot of possibility. You can rate posts, mark favorites, get an RSS for a single blog or for all 8 student bloggers, tag your forum posts, add friends, and much more.

My favorite feature is that you can upload an image to your photo album from your blog WYSIWYG editor, then pull the size of that image you want (thumbnail, small, medium, …) right into the post. As long as space is not an issue, this is a great way to handle resizing issues for the student bloggers. One less thing to train on, I guess. :)

So here’s the tough part: buy-in.

Not the initial buy-in of administration, we’re past that. Now we’re at the end-user level. Getting staff members on board to fully utilize the tool that has been created and is now available for them. Sometimes you wonder if every caveman originally saw the benefit of the wheel, or if they wondered why that other caveman was rolling a large stone everywhere. Similar concept here: will the staff see the use in this? Will they understand the way that our prospective students like to communicate? Are they aware of what tagging is? Will counselors push the link to prospects? Will counselors help answer questions in the forums and build relationships with students through the site?

All I know is that time will tell. We’ll do our hardest to promote the site through email, links, word of mouth, and more. But it’s essentially at the mercy of the prospect, and the willingness of the staff to cultivate the community.

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Nice work with the launch. The site looks great. Best of luck with it. And I would wish you good luck with this weekend’s football game, but you’re playing the wrong team. ;)

Wow. You nailed it. So often we’ll design and build things that don’t get used, and or aren’t seen. And all these new 2.0 sites where interaction is the main dish, …they fall flat if nobody uses them. Worthless without a good group of people to promote them and push them.

Well said.

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