The .EDU Underground

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Web | Posted on 10-09-2007


LifeHacker has a story on the ‘.edu underground’, or the vast amount of resources contained within higher education websites that is all free to the public.  I found Berkeley’s World-Wide Panorama very interesting, and I’ll probably participate in future shoots.

Looking at the broader spectrum of .edu’s and our prospective students, how many of them know what all is on our website?  What might they find interesting in the academic side of the site?  Do they just stick to the Admission(s) page, or do they venture out into the greater unknown, trying to learn more about classes, etc?  Do they take our word for it or are they digging deeper to get their own answers about the cafeteria, student life events, and more?  That could make for some interesting research.

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