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We talk a lot about generations in Higher Ed.  Millenials. Baby Boomers. Gen X.  They define a lot of who/what we are trying to target and segment.

That’s why this story caught my eye today: [First U.S. Baby Boomer applies for Social Security] .  We now mark October 15th, 2007 as Boom Day.  Start saving your money now, who knows what’s going to happen.

On another generation-related note, my best friend Matt recently mentioned another generation in his personal blog – Generation Q.

Who gets to name these generations, anyways?  Does someone just come up with a name and it sticks?  Is there some elite, secretive committee that names them?  Are they the same people who name hurricanes?

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My grandpa is also a Baby Boomer and we love him a lot.`~`

my grandfather is also a baby boomer and he is also a war veteran*:`

my grandfather is a baby boomer and i am quite proud of his longevity all these years***

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