Back to the daily grind.

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Conferences, Higher Education, Marketing, Technology | Posted on 11-13-2007


Well, it’s back to the daily grind.  I was promptly greeted by cold wind and rain the second I stepped into Indiana.  The 3rd day of the conference was a nice little recap of what all had been discussed, and Steve Kappler’s always interesting look into the data from TeensTalk. (Check out the webinar for the full she-bang.) Here are a few stats that stuck with me from the last day:

  • 92% of SOPHOMORES have discussed specific colleges with their parents, and 89% with friends.
  • 64% of Juniors still want to receive snail mail from colleges.
  • 85% of all traffic is generated from a search engine (and why aren’t you using AdWords?)

In an effort to pull some of my colleagues into the Web 2.0 world, I’ve created a group on Flickr for the Stamats conference. Feel free to post any photos in there from your trip, or start a discussion.  What a great way to get started on learning, just jump right in!

The conference also has me thinking a little more about our intentions with the blog here at SquaredPeg.  I think we will be trying to refine what exactly we want our blog to be (thoughts, how-to’s, etc.), so be prepared for some changes around here.

Back to work now, where things have massively piled up.  The lack of wireless in the conference room kept me out of my email and away from work during the presentations, which was a good thing, but now it’s time to get caught back up.

Nice to meet all of you at the conference!  Leave a comment to say hey and let me know where you are blogging/posting.

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