Sociotown: A 3D Social MMOG

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Recruitment, Technology | Posted on 11-21-2007


Looks like there’s a new game in town. Meet Sociotown.

“SocioTown is a 100% web-based 3D Social MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). The social system in SocioTown is designed to be intuitive and provide players a way to naturally distinguish between their good friends and random acquaintances. The more time you spend with someone and the longer you chat, your friendship link will become stronger. Eventually, they may become a part of your Inner Circle.”

I signed up for a beta tester spot, so if I get in I’ll let you know.  It looks pretty ridiculous.  Probably just another ‘web 2.0 social network’ that will burn out or grow way too quickly for its own good.  The graphics seem more ‘kid’ oriented.

Well, I’m heading out for Turkey Break.  President Fong closed the University at noon today.  Whoo hoo!  Enjoy your break, everyone!

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I’m not buying into this one…seems too cartoon-y for people to take seriously.

I watched the trailer and have to agree. The avatars all look like those Bratz dolls. Maybe it will appeal to tween girls, or whatever kid demographic it is that buys those things.

i so like socio town but i think it leads to violence so um i would never let my sisters play it

i loove it

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