What color is your college degree?

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The ColourLovers have put together a comprehensive list of colors that signify a certain degree come graduation time.

The hood is lined with the official colors of the degree issuing institution and the outside trimming of the hood signifies the subject in which the degree was obtained.

Can you believe this has been standard for 114 years? Looks like my MBA will get me a boring color of drab.

To learn more, check out the ACE Academic Costume Code/Academic Ceremony Guide.

Link: ColourLovers.com [The Color of your College Degree]

SquaredPeg invades San Diego!

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2/3rds of the SquaredPeg team is heading to San Diego, back-to-back. Yours truly [Brad] leaves tomorrow AM to head to the Stamats Generating Successful Interactive Marketing Strategies conference at the Holiday Inn on the Bay in San Diego. The conference is from Thursday-Saturday, and looks like a pretty good lineup. More importantly, there will be opportunities to network and share ideas with other Higher Ed professionals, which I definitely look forward to. Expect some blogging throughout the conference, but not necessarily live. Although I am a 24 year old tech junkie, I still like to look back on handwritten notes for months to come when the conference is over.

As I am flying out of San Diego at 11am on Monday, Chris Potts will be wrapping up his 10am presentation titled “Vodcasting for Student Recruitment”. This will be at the American Marketing Association’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education at the Sheraton Hotel across the harbor from our conference.  Check out his presentation at Slideshare.

Chris will hopefully be blogging soon, as he is finally done with Travel Season 2007. What a hectic time in the office, it’s good to have everyone back.

San Diego here we come!


Nice to meet you, Missouri S&T!

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Earlier tonight Andrew Careaga and the University of Missouri-Rolla launched a new site to introduce itself as the new Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T).  It’s simply called ‘Hello’.  The site is a web-based video campaign that allows students, faculty, staff, and community members to send or upload a video to introduce themselves as Missouri S&T.   They are also utilizing blip.tv to allow students to submit video straight from their phone.

This is a great way to gear up for the name change that’s only 2 months away.  We are gearing up for some video-based, student-driven web production next Spring to add to our site, so this will be a good one to watch and see the interactivity that comes from it.

Hello, Missouri S&T!