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Of course there was a +/- 1% margin of error on the poll. No, seriously, everyone I interviewed said this was the best blog ever for Higher Ed, so it has to be true………. right? (PS – I interviewed myself and a co-worker, who didn’t know what a blog was until I asked.)

Yesterday FJ Gaylor blogged on a poll that was released by Kaplan saying that 59% of kids would rather be accepted to their top college choice rather than have $500,000 for Christmas. You know what I think (and he thought)? Ridiculous. Absolutely absurd. If you’re telling me that more than 1/2 of kids would rather get into a college than have a half a million in today’s world, I’m telling you this: Either 1) you are in the business of getting kids to go to college, or 2) you are interviewing kids who live for nothing more than 17 applications and 3 SAT retakes, or 3) both.

So, I commented and suggested a Facebook poll for the age group to see what they thought. Sadly, I went to do it and it was going to cost more than Polls used to. Since my wife and I are in the middle of buying our first house (home inspection today! w00t!), I didn’t figure she would enjoy hearing “We can’t re-tile the bathroom floor because I spent the money proving a corporation wrong”.

But lo and behold, FJ Gaylor swooped in with a magnificent Christmas gift of Facebook Poll. And honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised. (Note: n=100 due to cost and Facebook restraints. C’est la vie.). Turns out that 73% of kids would rather take the money. High five, Capitalism.

(Chart Screenshot by FJ Gaylor. [Hopefully] licensed under Creative Commons. :) )

When we met this summer we talked extensively about polls/ratings/etc and how they were typically way off, and this is just another great example. There could be some good dialogue and discussion on this sort of research. Feel free to start the discussion by commenting below. :)

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Brad as always dead on!!! Especially like the “you are interviewing kids who live for nothing more than 17 applications and 3 SAT retakes, and are already driving an X-5 or similar.

Brad, Chris over at the Stony Brook Admissions Blog has his take on this as well. Worth a read.. http://sbuchris.blogspot.com/2007/12/half-million-bucks-or-your-top-college.html

The point is that families (and I work with families looking at colleges) want to know the real cost as early as possible – and colleges do a terrible job of giving up that information. While a FA estimator is only one solution, it is at least a step in the right direction. I believe the pressure to divulge the real cost to go to that college will only increase in the coming years. No survey needs to tell me that no matter how good or bad it was designed.

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