New Facebook Updates

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Facebook, Web | Posted on 12-16-2007


Some pretty minor updates, but they all add some value to the end user.

You can now add your former name so people can still find you.  I notice a lot of friends keeping their maiden name in their Facebook name.  I ask them if they are hyphenating, but they are usually just making sure friends from high school/college can still find them.  Problem solved!  Also in the works are a few other implementations that will help the network.  I especially like the group news feed stories.  I know I typically join groups but never keep up with them because I don’t want to click on them to see what’s going on.   See the details below, and enjoy!

Search by former name.

Are your friends unable to find you because you changed your name when you got married? Facebook has a search solution now. Go to the Edit Profile page to enter your old name.

In the Works

Bienvenidos a Facebook!

Facebook is working on translating the site into new languages. They want everyone to be able to use Facebook.

Sending messages to your big groups.

They will be removing the cap on messaging groups over 1,000 people. You can opt-out of messaging for large groups that you’ve joined.

News Feed stories about your groups.

News Feed will start showing stories that keep you aware of the activity going on in your groups.

Sort out your friends.

They will let you organize that long list of friends into groups so you can decide more specifically who sees what.

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