Anyone have a Monkey for a Mascot?

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Facebook, Higher Education, Marketing, YouTube | Posted on 12-17-2007


These videos are great. What a creative ad for a car dealership! Beats your typical “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY” ad any day.


Wouldn’t it be fun to do a similar set with your university mascot? For example, our Bulldog can watch the freshman girl away from her parents on the first weekend. Or he could come from out of nowhere and attack the cheater on the test. Or pull the kid away who’s been on WoW and Facebook for 200+ hours nonstop. Roommate conflict? Let the dog settle it. The possibilities are endless

Link: [YouTube: Trunk Monkey]

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Those videos are great! I watched some of those last week and was rollin’ in my office. Some of those I hadn’t seen before though, nice find! Did you use iLife 08 to put that together?

I didn’t put them together, I just found them on YouTube. Good stuff!

Must be nice to have a mascot you can work with. Our mascot is a falcon :(

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