Come join me in Indiana for Blogger Conference!

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Blogging, Conferences, Web | Posted on 12-19-2007


A group of local Indy bloggers are attempting to put together an Indiana Blog Conference.  Sounds like a great idea, and I would only have to travel 5 miles to get there :)   If anyone in the regional area is interested, sign up now while it is only $49.  If the 200 user mark is reached, then you will get charged for the conference.

I emailed the people running it to see if there could be a place for higher ed blogging, and I figure they are pretty flexible with the schedule.

Hope to see you all there!  I’ll be sure to show you my great city. :)

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I love you kangna Im not from india but i really love you & this movie (:

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