A little iPhone fun for your site

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, iPhone, Technology, Web | Posted on 01-17-2008


Hey all you iPhone users – click this link and hit the + button on your phone, then ‘Add to Home Screen’. Look at that cute little Bulldog. :) .

It’s pretty simple. Just create a 57×57 pixel .png file. Name it apple-touch-icon.png and upload it to your directory. Done! The iPhone even puts the nifty opacity filter on the image for you. See original below. Enjoy!

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Guys is this a new theme? Looks good!

Sure is! Glad you like it! This makes it easier for readers (you) to see who (Jesse, Chris, or myself) made the post. And we like the ‘peg’ in the corner :)

Where’d you get your screen protectors from? BTW, icon looks great! I’m pleased with the updates to the iPhone from last week, how ’bout you?

I just bought them at the Apple store in Keystone. I’ve enjoyed the Map update the most probably, it’s pretty sweet!

Most definitely. I like the addition of pages on the home screen too…that’s pretty nice for quicklinks, etc. SDK in a couple weeks!

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