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At my last job I did a few vlogs (video blogs) with the bloggers, but the process was just difficult. They had to get the camcorder from the media lab, shoot their stuff (and really there wasn’t much going on around campus), get it back to me (if they remembered), then I had to edit it, compress it, upload it, send the embed code to them, and then they would post it. It was moderately successful, with one video having over 1,000 views to date. (YouTube ‘UIS Bloggers‘)

After hearing good things about the Flip Video Ultra Camcorder, I just went ahead and ordered one and it will be here tomorrow. I plan on giving it to the Bloggers whenever they want it for the day/weekend/night, and then letting them fly. Then they can just plug it in, create their clip, upload it to YouTube, and embed it.

Hopefully this turns out to be a good thing, and it wasn’t a waste of $160 for me. I figure I can always use it too. :)

PS: I went with Orange, but you can get White, Pink, or Black too.

PSS: Matt asked me on Twitter how I plan to go about distributing it, etc. Haven’t thought that far yet, so I’ll just share the email I sent to my bloggers:

Hey again!
Since there’s not really a place to check out a camcorder here on campus I went ahead and bought a Flip Ultra for you all to use. Anna has volunteered to be the first so she can pick it up tomorrow. I’ll get some sort of guidelines/usage together (i.e. don’t break it or tell my wife I bought it, hahaha!). Basically, just film small clips around campus that might help students better visualize what campus is like. Your room, your roommates, a small clip of a fun class, what lunchtime is like, a sporting event, a cool event you’re going to (PostSecret/Colin Powell anyone?), etc etc etc. Possibilities are endless. I’m really looking forward to what we can come up with using this!

PSSS: As far as where it goes:  Their Blogs, Facebook Blogger Fan Page, Facebook Butler University Fan Page, and YouTube. Maybe Twitter and Ning? Can you tell I’m still processing all of this as we start the journey?  Can you tell that I don’t need a 10 person committee to formulate my plan, and it will still turn out great?  Can you???? :)

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Interested to see what you think of the Flip. I was evaluating camera options for our office earlier today, and it’s definitely in the running. We just want something simple to grab on the way to events or to throw together some web-specific vids. Seems like Flip would do the trick, but I’m wondering if we should get something a bit more robust, like the brand new JVC Everio.

The Flip vs. the Everio is a huge jump. It probably depends on many factors:
* Where you want to use the video (Web, DVD, etc.)
* Typical Lighting Conditions (Indoors, banquet rooms, outdoors, etc.)
* Quality desired (640×480, 3CCD, somewhere in between?)
* External Mic needed?

Those are just a few thoughts I considered, and had a pretty easy answer for the Bloggers. Let me know what you decide!

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