Lifecasters: Second Try

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Blogging, Lifecasting, Vlogging, Web | Posted on 01-29-2008


Last year, about 2 weeks on the job, I pitched a lofty proposal to have Lifecasters in addition to bloggers. These lifecasters would have a setup similar to Justin.TV, and would essentially stream live video of their college experience for future students to see what it’s really like (outside of marketing, microsites, and rehearsed pitches).

Last year the response was basically “no way”, or “you really think it’s a good idea to let students with cameras walk around campus and show what it’s like?!?” My general answer… Yes. They decided that we should get the bloggers going and see how that would go first. (Side note: everyone was worried about letting bloggers say what they want, letting people comment without moderation, etc. etc. etc. Guess how much content we have had to moderate or delete? ZERO.)

At what point will we stop trying to show students what we think they will like to hear, and just start showing them what it’s really like to go somewhere? Even our overnight visit programs are strategically designed and planned, and I agree there needs to be some sort of organization, but is there truly a way to give a student a “real” experience without putting them in danger? :)

I’d love to hear what you all think about this. I’ll admit I have generally been hush-hush about my Lifecaster initiative because I would have liked for my University to be on the forefront of this technology, but now it seems that it might be beneficial for others to be doing it before I can try to get some buy-in. At least I can say I tried, and I had all the resources ready. Even Justin.TV was going to stream our video for FREE. (Click this link and listen to our conversation from about 7 months ago, scroll to 1:05. Most of the clip got cut from its original version for some reason.)

And if anyone knows of a school that’s doing this, leave a comment so I can check it out. And as always, I’d love to hear what you think.

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Wow that’s far fetched… I’m still against having webcams around campus for people to just see what goes on in random spots. I could just see somebody watching one at 2AM on a Friday night and see something that you wouldn’t want to broadcast about your school or who knows what…

My 2 cents…

That’s what I’m saying — don’t you think prospective students want to see what goes on at 2am on a Friday/Saturday night?? They definitely can’t get that experience on a campus tour, and you know most parents won’t let them come spend the night.

It all comes back to hiring competent, reliable students who are actively engaged in the University’s mission and having them lead the way with the technology.

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