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Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Technology | Posted on 01-30-2008


A new site sprouted up called Sprout (horrible pun), and it’s in Private Beta.  Just launched today and will be open to public in a few weeks. It’s basically a WYSIWYG online Flash Editor/Builder. Try this link to check it out. It was supposed to be for first 200 users, but I got in somehow.

Update: Powerful tool for sure.   I can pull in a YouTube video, give it my own custom skin, add text to it, etc.  Put it on my website, and it has no YouTube branding.  Would be great for universities that don’t agree with using other sites for hosting videos, etc.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

Another few features I see that will be useful for personal and professional:  Google Charts, Yahoo! Maps, Polls, Music Jukebox, auto upload to WordPress, iGoogle, Facebook, Orkut, Livejournal, BlackPlanet, etc etc etc.  It’ll be interesting to what comes out of this: useful web tools, or more 2.0 junk for Myspace pages?  (And don’t forget to delete your MySpace page today on behalf of International Delete Your Myspace Account Day!)

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Thanks for the info. This looks really cool. WFW

Is the YouTube pull legal? I like the thought, especially for a project that I am working on…People hear YouTube and they instantly throw up a wall.

It’s still the YouTube video, just pulled in a different way.

I wish I had a use for it. I think my YouTube contest got canned, I haven’t heard back for 3 weeks now. :(

Interface reminds me of spresent. Looks like another nice online app.

Brad, what was the theme of your contest?

Google ‘Sprout WYSIWG”. It’s funny that I was coming up above both Digg and TechCrunch, where I learned about it. :-P

Nathan – I never got approval for the YouTube Contest :(

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