I have a deep, dark secret.

Posted by Jesse | Posted in Technology | Posted on 01-31-2008


DontTELLPLEASE please please do not tell anyone. Yeah, it’s probably not wise to tell a secret on this blog- but if I can’t trust you, gentle reader, whom can I trust?

Ok, here it is. I love errors.

Query append errors, SQL errors, web-server errors, you name it- I can’t get enough of them. Now, if I may, I will qualify this unhealthy love of errors.

I like errors WHEN:

  • I have time for them
  • They don’t cripple a mission critical application
  • I have the tools and resources to fix them

So basically that excludes about 99% of the errors “regular” IT folks have, right? I love the errors because many times it helps me “get back in touch” with my applications. How many times have you built something only to abandon it for months, and stop further development? Yeah, sure, it works. What about if you tweaked this process, added some reports and maybe some auto-feedback here…and now you have a complete set of upgrade plans. I love jumping into the guts of one of my systems or perhaps a new system and filling documentation holes(I smell a blog post…), or sometimes documenting for the first time. There’s something deeply satisfying to mapping out an entire application by hand and surveying the process only to immediately pinpoint the problem, AND ways to make your app better.

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I make myself sick when I say this… but I agree with you. There was a time in my life where errors were my worst enemy, mainly because it was more work and it was a very lazy time of my life. Now that I’ve grown professionally and expanded my knowledge of programming, I find errors to be a friend of mine. Not only that, but errors can come from so many different places, it really hones your skills when you find them and fix them and know next time how to avoid them all together. All-in-all, errors = OK in my book. And at every chance I get I will pwn the errors that halt my applications!

As demented as it sounds, I agree also. I wrote an internal app for our school, and when people call with problems I almost look forward to discovering what has happened.

Having said that, I do NOT like the fact that most critical errors seem to pop up around 5pm on Friday. These errors I do not like.

HAHAHA! Yes indeed. The 5pm errors are probably the one form of errors I do not like one bit.

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