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Sometimes you just happen to ‘StumbleUpon’ things at work. Today, for me, it was this:

I wish that I knew what was going on, and I wish I could get an answer more than “ummm I think maybe some professors are playing around with it?” Do you honestly think a school would let a few absent-minded professors “play around” with a full google solution? Maybe I’m naive, but something is gone on here. Yep, I’m excited. I also just wish it wasn’t some big secret on campus. EMBRACE technology, people.

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Perhaps Butler is the latest to sign up with Google Apps for Education? I’ll be jealous if you are.

What somebody on campus doing something big without telling communicating what they are doing… NO WAY! Everyone in Higher Ed talks to everyone, and regularly!

They are totally testing the service and just chose not to tell anyone.

Actually, I just got an e-mail from IUPUI stating that they partnered with Google and Microsoft (hinting towards this alliance you were talking about between the two companies) to allow more flexible e-mail functionality at all IU establishments. This might be Butlers version of the same thing. Apparently IUPUI JUST got this and I got the e-mail today. Who knows. I’ll show you the e-mail tomorrow at work so you can see what they wrote about it’s features. So far it sounds like the same thing, though.

I really hope so, Colin. That would be awesome.

Nathan – forward me that email. I’d be interested to see what they have to say. Google has been offering this service for awhile, I’m really surprised more campuses aren’t hopping on board.

DIdn’t you present this to your higher-ups a while back? Someone was probably sitting in a board meeting and thinking…”someone mentioned google apps for email…” and then someone else said “that’s a brilliant idea. glad you thought of that!”

LOL, don’t get me started. We should be happy with the progress. :)

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