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Just in: I’ll be giving two presentations on day 1 of the upcoming conference:

Innovative Educators Conference
Increasing Enrollment and Retention via Technology: Blending High Tech and High Touch
June 18-20, 2008
Cincinnati, OH
More info here!

The first day is going to focus on recruiting and marketing, which is where I come in. Day 2 will touch on student engagement and retention, with day 3 being a half-day workshop to pull it all together and focus on how to go back to your University and get started! I’ll be doing back-to-back breakout sessions on day 1, and my topics are:

  • Blogging 201 – Taking it to the Next Level
  • I can do THAT with Google?

I’m looking forward to the opportunity, and have already seen a couple of other BlogHighEd members on the speaker list. Can’t wait to get my presentations together and inform the masses about how easy it is to get started, especially with Google. I’ll probably do a few demos of how easy it is to create a personalized Google Map, set up Alerts, and more. I’ve always noticed at conferences that presenters get up there and do a great job and give a ton of information, but when I talk toothers after they get back to their school… they are clueless on how to start. It seems like this conference is geared more towards empowering the attendees (as noted on the 3rd day being a workshop), so I think that will work out well. I’ve got a lot of great ideas for the Blogging 201 presentation as well (maybe I’ll pitch lifecasters as a ‘next level’, with a live call to iJustin or iJustine? :) )

More to come! Let me know if you’ll be there as well.

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Awesome — should be a great conference. The folks at Innovative Educators do a nice job. I was at the one in Boulder last November and met tons of cool people, even some Google bots (bet they’ll love your Google presentation). :)

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