Tracking the Facebook Group

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Facebook, Research | Posted on 02-06-2008


I’ve posted previously about the Facebook group for our incoming freshman, and today I uploaded my chart to Google Spreadsheets. You can see it here or subscribe to the RSS feed here and watch its growth each week. I’ll also be posting some thoughts and findings later in the summer about this topic.

Each week I will document the number of 1) Members, 2) Wall Posts, 3) Discussion Posts, and 4) Photos posted. It’ll be interesting to see the exponential growth that surely will occur.

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I’d love to see more regular reports. They don’t have to be long but it’s a great project and I’d be interested in seeing news about it.

[...] nearly 3 months since I first posted about the Class of 2012 group on Facebook, and 2 months since I went public with the data tracking. I mentioned on that post that I would post occasional updates, and I [...]

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