How-To Tuesday: RSS Feeds

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in How-To Tuesday, RSS, Technology, Twitter, YouTube | Posted on 02-12-2008


Hey Everyone! We’re going to try something new here at SquaredPeg called How-To Tuesday. Each week we’re going to try and pick a topic and do a quick demo or show some neat benefits of using it. This week I’m talking about subscribing to RSS feeds.

The video is below. The quality turned out a little worse than I wanted, so I’ll work on the export settings next week. This was running a little long so I didn’t get to touch on Share/Star/Trends, so that will be a quick addendum next week. Hopefully you can get something out of it if you aren’t using RSS already.

As always, let me know what you think or if there is anything out there you want to learn more about, and we’ll continue to learn together. Enjoy!

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Nice video. I like the idea of How-to Tuesdays. My only concern is that maybe you navigated a bit fast. We all know how fast you like to work, but for someone following along, it may have been a little quick. Other than that, very informative and I think you covered all the basics. Are you going to consider doing a tutorial on the other blog readers? What’d you use to record your screen moves? And why don’t you use iGoogle? I’ve got my google reader feed set up to go into my iGoogle along with digg and SD and others.

It would be nice to have more “why-to” before you jump into the “how-to”. At the very end you mention how you used to visit dozens of pages a day to look for updates, but RSS alleviates that. If you put that information up front, you might get more interest.

You beat me to the punch! I’ve had it in the works for a while to write a blog about RSS and specifically about why I love Netvibes… Also thanks for the .eduGuru mention! :) I’m really not sure why my feed displays that way… I’ve definitely setup the BrowserFriendly in feedburner, it just doesn’t like to take my changes I guess.

I think I have to agree with both Jeremy and Brett comments… Definitely try to cut down on the clicking through stuff because your going through so much stuff. I can keep up, but maybe someone who this is new to probably can’t keep up with everything that you are doing.

Hey Guys – thanks for the feedback. With the 10 minute YouTube limitation I couldn’t really go anywhere near in-depth as I wanted to, and I think it made me rush. I wanted to keep it under 5 minutes, but went nearly 8, if that tells you how much I actually slowed down. This was about the 5th take. :)

I don’t think I’ll cover any other readers, I just wanted to speak more of the concept of RSS rather than a specific reader. Who knows though, if I’m running low on content in a few months, it might happen.

Brett – thanks for the advice on the ‘why-to’. That is a good thought.
Jeremy – I never go to iGoogle because I actually never go to Google either. I just Ctrl+K and type in my search. I go weeks at a time without actually visiting the Google homepage. I usually just type in where I am going:,,,, etc. etc. etc. As for the software, you’ll have to keep an eye out for that usability webinar. I can’t release all of the tricks of the trade, or I’ll have no new content! ;)

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