17 shot at NIU campus

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Technology | Posted on 02-14-2008


Sitting here in class and saw “17 shot on Campus” on laptop screen in row in front of me. Pulled up Twitter and sure enough Andrew Careaga was already on the story with a CNN link.This one hits a little too close to home.

I have a few friends from High School and met a lot of great people at NIU during my time as President of the Illinois State Resident Assistant Association. On Valentines Day, too. Really sad. Gunman is dead.

Even more, I was going to post tomorrow about an upcoming Reader’s Digest article naming Butler on of the least safest campuses in the US due to a shooting of 1 person back in 2004.

Off to Facebook, going to try to check in with some friends. Thank goodness for iPhone’s and social networking.

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What a senseless tragedy. It appears that the university’s response was solid, but that’s little consolation to the families of the victims. Very sad.

No kidding. I heard back from 1 friend, who was off campus doing student teaching at the time. His girlfriend was right next door to it and heard all of the commotion. Pretty scary.

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