Butler Redesign has Launched!

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Technology, Usability, Web | Posted on 02-15-2008


Sorry for 2 posts so soon, but I noticed that the new site just launched. The OLD (seriously, like 6 years old) www.butler.edu site has been transformed to the NEW. We still have a ways to go (some 2nd level, 3rd level, etc. pages not updated), but it looks great so far. What a welcome change and a fresh look.

Huge thanks to everyone who had a hand in the project! It looks much better.

Also, I’m glad my Bloggers made front page :)   Finally, some more traffic!

Old and Busted (Click to Enlarge)

New and Hotness (Click to Enlarge) (or… just check it out.)

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How much influence did Admissions have in the redesign?


I co-conducted the usability testing for the site with the main designer, and we had discussion with them about a few other things, but it was largely an IT/University Relations project. We are very happy with the prominence that we were given on the page. 3/5ths of the side bar, and 2/3rds of the spotlights!

Great design. Center justified, great use of white space, and it doesn’t come off as too busy. Excellent!

Really dynamic design. The information is laid out well. I love the shadow effect from the arm of the student in the white head band.

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