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I just got an email forwarded to me from someone on campus who says that some information on our site is “just plain wrong”.  The person who forwarded it asked the original writer to “please share with me how the information should read on this page – gearing the description to the audience of 18 year old prospective students?”

Here’s the current text to describe a center on campus:

This outreach program places students in internships and volunteer jobs for community service, including mentoring programs for math, language, science, music, visual arts, drama and dance skills.

And this is the text that the person sent us:

This office in Academic Affairs serves to engage Butler with the surrounding communities. The (Center) builds collaborative connections with community partners and is committed to enriching student education through developing service-learning courses and experiential education opportunities. The (Center) also coordinates internships and programming with community-based organizations.

Collaborative. Enriching. Experiential. Fluff.   What 17-18 year old is going to read that and get excited?  Internships, volunteer jobs, mentoring, that’s what they want to read. Those are the words they want to see. And they don’t want to dig to find them.

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agreed! and, if you learn much about the spectrum of service, you’ll learn that SERVICE-LEARNING is to be written in all (or small) caps to emphasize the importance and balance of both the service and the learning aspects… if you are going to get “all academic” in your description, then at least get that part right. ;)

Sounds like the person who pointed it out is working on their PhD. ;)

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