“Experience the Jackrabbits”

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I could not stop laughing about this article. It details the process of getting a new athletic logo at South Dakota State University. If my math is correct, they ended up spending $7,000 to get the logo ($6K to original firm +$1K for contest).

At one point, the school took the designers to a field so they could ‘experience the jackrabbits’. I would have loved to see the look on the designers’ faces.

I’m not quite sure why I love working in higher ed so much.  It’s always interesting, though.

[Link: Scawy Bunny Rabbit, underconsideration.com]

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Brad –
My alma mater used a firm to rebrand our name and logo from the Chiefs to the Pride. Ironically enough, the lion they used for the logo is one that does not associate itself with others, thus defeating the link between name and logo.

Maybe they should have taken the design firm to the Zoo!

Haha! That’s great. I checked out the SC Pride logo, definitely not a happy looking lion. I don’t see the ‘pride’ connection there at all.

Thanks for sharing!

Another example of how higher education seems to survive despite itself.

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