How-To Tuesday: Create a form in Google Docs

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Email, Google, Higher Education, How-To Tuesday, Technology | Posted on 02-26-2008


It’s Tuesday already? Just another snowy day here in Indy. Today we talk about creating a form in Google Docs. I’ve been using this because I really like how it instantly drops the form’s results into a spreadsheet. No FormMail to worry about, etc. I used it on an email that I sent out on Friday, and so far there have been about 40 responses. Others wanted to see it, so I just copy/pasted into an Excel file and mailed it back. If they had Google accounts, it would have been even easier. And if there weren’t prospective student emails involved, I would have just made it public for them to see.

And here is the link for the form that is shown: Google Form


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Very cool. Now if they could figure out a way to allow some branding at the top of the form (just a logo?), this would be killer.

Definitely. It’s pretty basic, I’d love to see some customization options. Thanks for the comment!

fyi… for now, you can take the html of that form page, save it, and modify it to add images, change styles, colors, etc… as long as you leave the form submit URL and the form fields name attribute alone…
have fun!

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