Try this one on your boss.

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So I’ve been using Zinch for nearly 7 months now, but I’ve never really commented on it here for 2 reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

How-To Tuesday: RSS Feeds

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Hey Everyone! We’re going to try something new here at SquaredPeg called How-To Tuesday. Each week we’re going to try and pick a topic and do a quick demo or show some neat benefits of using it. This week I’m talking about subscribing to RSS feeds.

The video is below. The quality turned out a little worse than I wanted, so I’ll work on the export settings next week. This was running a little long so I didn’t get to touch on Share/Star/Trends, so that will be a quick addendum next week. Hopefully you can get something out of it if you aren’t using RSS already.

As always, let me know what you think or if there is anything out there you want to learn more about, and we’ll continue to learn together. Enjoy!

Pixish – Let’s give it a try.

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I just set up an account with, and I’m going to try to use it to get some user-generated content for use on our admission site and other sites like Facebook pages, etc.

You can view the ‘assignment’ here. If any of you happen to have some BU photos, feel free to add them. :)

This could be a fun little venture! I know there are several student photographers online, so I am going to contact them first.  Then I’ll put some general announcements on the BUForums and Facebook Page.  Maybe email the Bloggers and see if they have any that they want to contribute.  ** Hat tip to Anthony Bosio from Lynn U. for the link! **

Who’s marketing you, and how do you stop it?

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I was in Gmail the other day, and I saw an ad for Chico State.  Since I’ve been in correspondence with a few guys about BHE, so I think that’s how this is how it was pulled in.

Look closely. That’s a .com.   So I followed it.  Total ad spam. I think I counted 9 different ads on there.

I wish I had an answer for this question: how do you control this? Is there even anything you can do if a money-hungry company starts advertising on your behalf? I know D.W. posted on a similar Myspace issue earlier.

Anyone out there have some ideas?

Blogger Tags

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I always love looking at this page and seeing what my bloggers are talking about.  A big part of the Blogger training was teaching them about tags. Here is the document I gave them(PDF).  Sorry about the quality, I can’t find the original so I had to scan it.  Just pretend that it’s colorful and cool.)

(Click to Enlarge)

I see BU101 is very large, which relates to the BU101 Photos area. That is the 9th most visited page on the entire Admission site, with 5700 views in the last 4 months.   Also big are sports (basketball, sports,volleyball, hinkle) and student life (BUSF, homecoming, pi beta phi, SGA events, midnight snack). Another area is off-campus (IMA, broad ripple, chicago, indianapolis).  As a side note, Voodoo is the name of one of the largest frat parties on campus, at Halloween.  To my knowledge, none of my bloggers are practicing voodoo on their professors.

What sticks out to you?

Tracking the Facebook Group

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I’ve posted previously about the Facebook group for our incoming freshman, and today I uploaded my chart to Google Spreadsheets. You can see it here or subscribe to the RSS feed here and watch its growth each week. I’ll also be posting some thoughts and findings later in the summer about this topic.

Each week I will document the number of 1) Members, 2) Wall Posts, 3) Discussion Posts, and 4) Photos posted. It’ll be interesting to see the exponential growth that surely will occur.

Home Sweet Home

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SquaredPeg is now sitting on its own server, and we’re here to stay. Sorry about the pains of moving, everyone. If you could please update your blogrolls to reflect, we would greatly appreciate it.

Also, please note that you will need to subscribe to our new RSS feed link.


Speaking at Innovative Educators

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Just in: I’ll be giving two presentations on day 1 of the upcoming conference:
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StumbleUpon: BU Edition

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Sometimes you just happen to ‘StumbleUpon’ things at work. Today, for me, it was this:

I wish that I knew what was going on, and I wish I could get an answer more than “ummm I think maybe some professors are playing around with it?” Do you honestly think a school would let a few absent-minded professors “play around” with a full google solution? Maybe I’m naive, but something is gone on here. Yep, I’m excited. I also just wish it wasn’t some big secret on campus. EMBRACE technology, people.

Rapleaf wants to help ‘Web 2.0′ you.

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I just got an email from Dan at with an interesting pitch.

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