The Davidson (Butler) Way

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Posted by: Chris Potts, Senior Assistant Director of Admission 

We have a saying here at Butler University, that we frequently use, especially over in the athletic department: “The Butler Way.” Essentially it means that we as a university place a strong emphasis on doing things the right way, in everything we do. We strive to represent ourselves and the Butler and broader Indianapolis community in the best manner possible. Or, more specifically, “The Butler Way demands commitment, denies selfishness, accepts reality yet seeks improvement everyday while putting the team above self.” Consider this clever slogan a way to encourage altruistic behavior and inspire people to want and expect greatness. In a way (no pun intended) this has become our new branding catch phrase, almost by default. And it’s working.

I don’t know if anyone reading this has picked up on the story about Davidson College, a small liberal arts school located in North Carolina. Obviously if you’re living anywhere than under a rock you know that Davidson shocked the athletic world yesterday by demolishing big-ten powerhouse Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. And sweet it was – especially for all those Davidson fans present at the game.

So how many fans of a school located in North Carolina, with a total student population of 1,700, would make the trip to Detroit to watch this game? Well, as it turns out, LOTS.

In one of the best college athletics stories in a long time, in my opinion, Davidson College decided to let ANY of its students go the game in Detroit to support THEIR team. So what’s the big deal, you ask? Well the college paid all expenses for any student who wanted to go to the game: ticket, transportation, and lodging. Wow! (see for the complete story. And I think a big part of Davidson’s success last night was because of their fan support at the game and the inspiring story that resulted: a university totally in support of their mission, their success, and their students. Sure, athletics is a terrific way to galvanize support for a school and through winning ways promote school pride. But what the Davidson College administrators did here was show the world that they CARE about their students and their school, and believe in who they are. I don’t know too many other schools who would do such a thing. Granted, they are a small school who probably has the funds to offer this – and they are not a school who you’re going to see do this well in the tournament that often – but the fact remains that they took a bold step and said to their basketball team and their university: “we care.” Consider it an extension of Butler: “The Davidson Way.”

I’m surprised this story hasn’t gotten more attention, but hopefully other colleges and universities will read about this, and let it truly soak in. What an awesome way to give attention your school but ultimately, to show an act of goodwill and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of several young men who play their hearts out on the hard court. It’s refreshing to know that there are still these kinds of stories out there. Let’s keep it up.

YouTube releases Stats for videos

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It seems that as each month passes we have more and more access to metrics/stats/analytics on social media sites, which is great.  This will help us continue to dig deep and learn more about our viewers, etc.  YouTube recently announced that you can get stats on your videos by clicking Account > Videos, Favorites, & Playlists > then clicking “About this video” to get stats for that video.

Here’s an example from one a Blue2 video; he’s learning how to skateboard in this one:

(click to enlarge)

[WebWare: YouTube Stats Revealed]

Facebook Class of 2012: 3 Months Later

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It’s really hard to believe that nearly 3 months since I first posted about the Class of 2012 group on Facebook, and 2 months since I went public with the data tracking. I mentioned on that post that I would post occasional updates, and I thought the 3 month mark would be a good one.

Here’s the chart after 3 months, which is tracking Members, Wall Posts, and Discussion Posts:
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‘Free’ is here to stay.

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There is one question I typically get when I present a viable option/solution that happens to utilize a 3rd party website/web2.0 tool.
“What do they [the company who's providing the service for free] get out of it?”

It’s a great question, and should definitely be considered. What are we, the University, giving them, the person behind the curtain, in return for their services? What personal information will they collect? What advertisements come along with the product/solution? What if the product later goes to a paid service and all of our data/information that we have built up over the months and years now costs to use?

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How-To Tuesday: Don’t be Whack, Trackback!

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Today’s video is a quick overview of trackbacks and how to use them.

I mentioned a link in the video, and that discussion is right here. (You should see a ‘trackback’ comment from this post when you go there!)

I also said that you can’t trackback in Blogger, but technically you can if you wish to install some extra goodies. Learn more here. Also, you can learn more about how trackback works, or read another example from WordPress. Have a great day!

March Madness: Basketball Scores Online Traffic

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A month ago, FJ Gaylor blogged on ‘The Flutie Effect’, and asked if anyone had success stories on the impact that sports can play on Admissions.

A month later, I have some stats for you. As most of you know, our beloved Bulldogs fell to Tennessee 76-71 in overtime. While it was a tough loss to swallow, getting Butler’s name out there was wonderful for the Admission site.

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Model Your Campus Contest

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Friday’s always seem to be the bloggiest.  No more after this (mostly due to the fact campus shuts down in 25 minutes for the Butler basketball game.)

Google is hosting their annual ‘International Model Your Campus’ competition, with great prizes like iPod Touches and Wii’s for the winners.

You can get all the information here. 

To see an example or learn more about Modeling in Sketchup for Google Earth, check out this post by Jeremy.

Free Conference Call with Seth Godin

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I know there’s a ton of Seth Godin lovers out there, so I wanted to post this real quick. He’s doing a conference call on Meatball Sundae for FREE. Considering seats at his events can go for upwards of $2000, this is a pretty sweet deal. The call is on Wednesday, April 9 from 12-1PT (That’s 3-4p for all us east-coasters).

Note: You have to actually own the book to sign up. For $25 you can buy the book and sign up, but you can also get it from Amazon for only $16.29 right here. You’d probably still get it quick enough to register, but no promises.

Enough of me talking, sign up here and listen to the man himself. And if you were wondering… yes, it will blend.

Vancouver Film School and YouTube team up

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Vancouver Film School and YouTube have teamed up to create a really unique scholarship, where students create and upload videos, and the YouTube community decides the winners. There are 3 full scholarships up for grabs. I don’t think I’ve seen a school actually hop on board with YouTube for a contest yet. Once I saw it on the homepage under ‘Featured Videos’ I could tell this was going to be something big. Watch the video below for more details, I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds! Very original.

They are also using Google Pages for the rules, etc. More information can be found here. While you’re at it, check out the VancouverFilmSchool channel on YouTube. They’ve uploaded nearly 400 videos of student work. It’s cool to see them use YouTube so heavily; I’m sure it’s hard to showcase student work through your typical boring brochure, especially for a film school!

Building Community with Social Media

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One thing that I have always been big on is ‘community‘. I love community, the feeling of being surrounded by others to share ideas with, have a good time with, and relate to. Community can build great connection with others, and it can make others proud to be a part of something. It is a big part of the vision that Matt and I have for BlogHighEd. So when an incoming link from a blog post titled “Discovering Community” linked to us, I felt a certain sense of accomplishment in that goal.

Then I got to thinking back to my early days of ‘community building’, in college as an RA, and remembered a presentation that I gave at a conference more than 3 years ago. So I dug it up last night and went through it, and found some slides that could relate to my job now. So I’m going to go through some of that, and make a few modifications as well.

The presentation is directly below, but it might make more sense if you follow along with me below it. At the end we’ll get into some direct implications for community in social media. Brace yourself, this will probably be the longest post in SquaredPeg history. What a great way to celebrate 100 posts! :) Stick with me, I think you will get something out of this.

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