How-To Tuesday: The Power of Social Media

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Today we’re going to touch on ‘The Power of Social Media’, and give you a brief example of how quickly something can grow. The case used in this video is a Facebook group titled ‘PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN STUDENT PROJECT’. The student writes:

I’m doing a communications paper on the marketing world and the new direction it has taken in today’s society and one of the main points that I’m trying to make is how one individual with an average facebook account can reach 100,000+ people in less than a week just by making a group and inviting people.

Think he succeeds? Check it out.

I recorded this in the middle of last week so that we could have an idea of growth for the days past the video. I mentioned in the video that by the end of the 5th day he would probably be over 200,000 members to the group. Well, he did, with 2 hours to spare. Phew, that was close. :) As of 1:30pm it was at 292,000, so by the time you read this (I’m post-stamping it to the PM to avoid Mr. Pott’s first ever post… don’t worry, it caught us all by surprise too ;) ) the group should be over 300,000. To check, click here.

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Looks like he just cracked 300,000 and 3,500 wall post so that’s 1.5% of people feel compelled to leave a comment.

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Then there are copycats. This copycat group has already broken the 100,000 member mark, as well. It just goes to show you don’t need to be the first to do something and still get results…

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