Free Conference Call with Seth Godin

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Conferences, Higher Education, Marketing, Research, Web | Posted on 03-21-2008


I know there’s a ton of Seth Godin lovers out there, so I wanted to post this real quick. He’s doing a conference call on Meatball Sundae for FREE. Considering seats at his events can go for upwards of $2000, this is a pretty sweet deal. The call is on Wednesday, April 9 from 12-1PT (That’s 3-4p for all us east-coasters).

Note: You have to actually own the book to sign up. For $25 you can buy the book and sign up, but you can also get it from Amazon for only $16.29 right here. You’d probably still get it quick enough to register, but no promises.

Enough of me talking, sign up here and listen to the man himself. And if you were wondering… yes, it will blend.

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You are like a slickdealer. I may try the library myself though. Thanks for the heads up!

Hah! If only you knew how true that was. Slickdeals was my homepage for a good year or so before we moved to Indy. I’ll never buy a thing unless I check Slickdeals first, and will never purchase without a coupon of some sort. That’s probably my favorite site in the world. I was actually just looking at the $49 George Foreman grill about 20 minutes ago…

PS – good call on the library. I know the Fishers one has it, and I just took back Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside a few days ago. Checked out All Marketers Are Liars for vacation, hope it’s just as good as the rest. Also checked out “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader”, it was a good weekend read.

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