How-To Tuesday: Don’t be Whack, Trackback!

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Today’s video is a quick overview of trackbacks and how to use them.

I mentioned a link in the video, and that discussion is right here. (You should see a ‘trackback’ comment from this post when you go there!)

I also said that you can’t trackback in Blogger, but technically you can if you wish to install some extra goodies. Learn more here. Also, you can learn more about how trackback works, or read another example from WordPress. Have a great day!

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Totally whack! LOL.

Thanks for tracking back, hat-tipping, whatev.

P.S. – I think you need a few more toolbars on your browser. ;)

Brad, we have to get you a better mic. Like usual good video, but the audio is so low. I’m having a little trouble through these laptop speakers.

Also some additional notes about WordPress and Trackbacks is that it doesn’t always work. I like to go add them into the trackback field when I have time, but I don’t always and even when you don’t it should still send the trackback. Besides trackbacks are good for you because they put a deep link to your article on the other post even if it is a nofollow.

Little dirty secret, but when I have the time I always like to trackback everything in my links of the week. Yeah it’s link baiting on some of the best posts of the week, but they are mostly all nofollow links.

[...] A how-to is explained here. [...]

For those who know a little PHP and don’t have trackback capabilities already, check out:

Trackback: A Guide for Implementing Trackback on Your Site

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okey, i dont have ‘trackback’ in my blogger, but if my friend’s blog in WP send me trackback, should the trackback appears in my post?


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