How-To Tuesday: How to Make Viral Videos

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, How-To Tuesday, YouTube | Posted on 04-08-2008


I couldn’t possibly go 2 straight Tuesday’s without sharing some sort of how-to, so here is one that I saw a few days ago. How to Make Viral Videos. Ironically enough, the video itself is starting to go viral, averaging about 20,000 views per day.

Here’s the original story about the ‘secret stories’ behind viral videos:

What are some of the top viral videos that are related to higher ed? I would have to pick these as my top 3:

1. Appalachian State is HOT HOT HOT!

2. Don’t Tase Me Bro! from the University of Florida
(I wanted FJ Gaylor to get my picture where it happened while we were at UF, but we didn’t have time.) You know it’s a great video when even the remixes have over 1,000,000 views.

3. Bo Ryan does Soulja Boy. When 200,000+ watch an old basketball coach ‘crank dat’, you know you’ve made it viral.

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Um…the Appalachian video is horrible and not good in any way.

Good? No.

Viral? Yes. Almost 1 million views now.

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