Conference Time!

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It’s Conference Time! Jesse and I both leave the office for the week tomorrow to attend higher ed conferences. Jesse is giving two presentations at the Recruitment Plus User Group Conference in Portland, Maine:

  • Going Paperless (Releasing Your Office’s Inner Tree-Hugger) – [Document Imaging]
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along? – [RP Interface]

I am giving 2 presentations and co-hosting a roundtable discussion with Matt at the Innovative Educators Conference in Cincinnati, OH:

  • I Can Do THAT with Google? – [A Look at Google's many free tools]
  • Bloggers 201: Taking It To The Next Level – [Extending the reach/touch of student bloggers]
  • Social Media Roundtable with Brad and Matt – [1 hr Q&A session. Can you stump us?]

I am looking forward to meeting up everyone I already know (or feel like I’ve known forever thanks to social media) and meet many new people at the conference. I wish that Matt, Mark, and I weren’t presenting in the same time slot, but look forward to co-speaking with Mark at eduWeb in July and presenting at Stamats in November with Matt, Karlyn, Kyle and several others.

I absolutely love conferences. Yes, they are a great time out of the office, but they are also a time to reconnect and re-energize. A time to hash out new ideas over cocktails, network with others, and share ideas. An opportunity to learn and grow. And isn’t that what higher education is all about?

See you in Cincinnati!

PS – I haven’t decided if I am going to SlideShare since presentations go so much deeper than a few slides. What are your thoughts? Save it for the conference? I am probably going to uStream the Blogger talk to use as an example of what lifecasting might be like. Maybe Matt and I could uStream our roundtable and take questions from the chat room?!?

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Which one are you and Matt going to? That innovative educators thing?

Whoops, left that little piece out. Yeah, Innovative Educators in Cincinnati, OH.

thought so….matt and i were chatting about him going to it, just never knew the dates. i’ve never been to one of those. i’ll be interested to hear how that one is.

I’m looking forward to it as well. I don’t think I’m staying for the whole thing, the 2nd half is more about student retention and educational technology. On the other hand, I’d have to come to work.

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