The Best Bargain Conference This Year

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Blogging, Conferences, Higher Education, Social Media, Speaking, Web | Posted on 07-16-2008


Hey! Do you live near Indianapolis? Want to hit up a great conference but don’t have much of a budget? Well, I have the conference for you., August 16-17 at IUPUI

2 days, many great speakers, and for the LOW price of $49.00. But you know I’m going to treat you better than that. Click this link to register and save 15%. Seats are going fast and space is limited, so register soon.

I am going to be switching gears on this one and speaking from more of a business perspective, although I would absolutely love to see a good showing of higher education folks at the conference.

We’re also going to be peopletagging, which is a unique new way to network. I’m excited to see it play out. Still trying to figure out what my tags are going to be!

Click here to check out the sessions and the 20+ presenters. I am in the same time slot as the amazing blogger Chris Baggott, so I don’t expect a huge crowd at mine; I actually would rather go to his too! Haha :)

Hope to see you there. Let me know if you’re attending.

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What if we don’t live in Indiana? I’d love to try to get something like this started for Texas…

Susan – this conference is totally user-generated/supported. Shawn Plew and Noah Coffey have done a great job organizing it.

It started out as a dream on Once they saw a good amount of interest, they moved forward and it started falling together from there.

Brad, thanks for the info.

So because I was in Indy earlier this summer I know it’s a little over a seven hour drive and you have a great low price… You mentioned the nice low price… So you got great rates on hotel rooms also?!

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