Integrating Social Media into your Recruitment Strategy

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Technology | Posted on 08-14-2008


Last week I went to Great Falls, MT to give a keynote presentation at the annual MPSEOC Conference. It was a great time and I met a lot of people at colleges all across the state of Montana.

My talk was titled Rock Enroll: Integrating Social Media into your Recruitment Strategy. The inspiration for the title ‘Rock Enroll’ came from Mike and Josh at Allegheny during our Philadelphia layover fiasco at the end of July. Thanks guys!

Yesterday I put together a slidecast using my slides from the presentation as well as the audio from uStream. The quality is not that great, I basically played the uStream video and recorded the audio into GarageBand. Clips from the short video I showed at the beginning is not their either, but I narrate quite a bit of it. So if you have 57 minutes to spare and want to check it out, see the embed below.

As with every presentation, there are things I wish I had said, said differently, or left out. But as I mention near the end of this talk, thanks to all of these tools the discussion does not have to end at the conference. I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions; I am constantly refining and revisiting these presentations in my mind to make them better.

Or, if you just want the video, you can watch it here. If you’re in RSS and don’t see the embed, the slides are here.

And of course, feel free to view previous presentations or contact me for your upcoming webinars or conferences.

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Thanks for posting this! Great presentation, hope to meet you someday.

Great work, Brad. Who’s the emcee on your cover shot?

Great post, Brad.

I really found the Did you know video interesting. Makes you really stop and think.

Another good quote from Seth that may be useful for higher ed types, which is completely supported by your presentation (and one we refer to all the time) is:

“Turn strangers into friends, and friends into customers” – Seth Godin

Thanks everyone for the comments.

@Andrew – Glad you asked :-D Her name is Piano Pat. She has been playing at the Sip N Dip Lounge in Great Falls, MT for 46 years now. The Sip N Dip was named ‘Best Bar Worth Flying To’ by GQ Magazine in April 2003, so I figured I’d bring some local flavor to the presentation. If you’re going to Rock Enroll in Great Falls, it’s gotta be with Piano Pat.

Here’s a video about the Sip N Dip:
And here are my pictures:

@Toby: Thanks for sharing that quote. Do you happen to know which book/blog post it is from?

Brad… It’s actually a sub-heading on his Permission Marketing book.

great presentation – thanks for posting it up! how long did it take you to synch the video into slideshare? “virtualizing” ppts is always so frustrating …

Melissa – It actually was not bad at all. I just played the uStream over lunch, recording it with GarageBand. I took that .mp3 and uploaded to SlideShare using their ‘Create a Slidecast’ feature. From there I just selected each slide and when it should start/end. Probably took 30 minutes or so to do once I had the audio in to SlideShare.

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