Book Review: Slide:ology

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Books, Conferences, Speaking, Thoughts | Posted on 09-19-2008


I’ve started to prepare my presentation for the Stamats Integrated Marketing Conference and picked up a book last month called Slide:ology.

At a little over $20, you definitely get your $$ worth from this hefty 294 page book.  It’s jam packed with information about creating great presentations.  From how to present data, organize slides, choose color palettes, to slide composition and much more, I don’t see how you could miss out on this book if you are a presenter.  Veteran, first-timer, or somewhere in between, you WILL find something in this book for you. Even if you’re just giving presentations to prospective families or to the office, better slides will engage the viewer more.

Needless to say, I’ll be keeping this book near and dear to me up to the October 20th deadline for my  presentation slides for “The [Recruitment] Long Tail.”  I hope I can achieve half of the awesomeness that this book provides for making presentation slides. The book just makes you want to make great slides.

Buy Slide:ology today!

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Interesting book. Karlyn got me into Presentation Zen and that was definitely a very helpful book. I can definitely attest that it changed the way I’ve put together my last two presentations and the upcoming ones I’ve got this year. This one looks like it’s in the same vein. Tell stories and don’t let you slides do the talking… make them support you.

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