Interview Week: Ben Jones, Oberlin College

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Wrapping up Interview Week here (and my 25th Birthday!) with a video interview.  If you don’t know the name Ben Jones, you might have been hiding under a rock for the past few years.  A pioneer and leader in the admissions blogging field at MIT, Ben has certainly set a standard for us all to reach in terms of the community surrounding MIT’s blogging efforts.  When I was asked in 2005 to be a student blogger at UIS during my senior year, I was told to “look at MIT’s blogging site” for reference.

Ben is now the VP of Communication at Oberlin College, his alma mater.  Watch this video interview with Ben as I ask him several questions about the new job and future projects.

Tomorrow, check back for a few more projects to keep an eye on. I hope you’ve enjoyed Interview Week at SquaredPeg!

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Happy 25th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Brad! Great week of interviews!

I miss Ben :(

Gosh am I behind…
Happy belated birthday!!!

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