Interview Week: What’s happening?

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This is part 5 of Interview Week at SquaredPeg.  Missed past interviews? Click below.
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To wrap up Interview Week I wanted to highlight a couple of projects out there that I think are pretty cool.  I hope you’ve found this week to be educational and has opened your eyes to some new ideas.  I’ve got a boat load of content to blog about in the coming weeks, lots of thought and application to some new and old ideas.

TweetChicagoAaron Rester at the University of Chicago is adding some Twitter API to their site to create this initiative. It’s a collection of Law School community members’ messages on Twitter. I love the clean layout, and always enjoy an integration of Twitter without the end user having to sign up or know what Twitter is.

CollegeSearch101.orgMike at Allegheny tipped me to a venture into the online video world in which the school is helping students find the university that’s right for them, even if it’s not Allegheny.  How did I know this concept was big? Listen to this. My co-worker’s Grandma saw the story in the local newspaper about and thought we at Butler would be interested.  So she hopped on to her WebTV and typed the article from the newspaper into the internets and sent it to us via email.  Transcending generations and going viral.  Nice job, Allegheny. :)

We Are Oberlin – You heard Ben talk about this in the video yesterday, but I just wanted to link it up.  The goal is to collect 1,000 personal stories from the Oberlin community to tell the story of the University through their site. Keep an eye on some of the stories at


Keep up the great work, everyone.  You all motivate me to think harder and do better.

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