Unigo updates with 1,600 new schools!

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Unigo.com announced yesterday that they have added 1,600 new schools to their site, which means there is a good chance that your site is now on there. When they originally launched with 250 schools, Butler was not listed.  The same went for many of my colleagues and friends that I talked to at NACAC or on Twitter.

When I interviewed Jordan Goldman, CEO of Unigo last month, he mentioned that the long-term goal is to have every school on Unigo, ready for students to post about their stories and experiences of each school.

So what do you do now that your school is listed on Unigo?

Post content from your admission office in nice, fluffy language.
Panic and demand that Unigo removes your school from their site.
Do fake ratings to make it seem like you are less of a party school.
Put up pictures of students sitting on the lawn with a professor.
Upload your professionally edited promotional videos


Yep. Sit back and listen. See what students say about your school. Everyone complains about something? Don’t hide it, fix it.  Remember…. you don’t own the conversation anymore.

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I looked at Unigo and liked what I saw. Unlike traditional information on colleges, this site offers a different, student based perspective. I would also like to draw your attention to a new site: Morethangrades.com which allows colleges to post their own information, including video, pdfs, and a like. Here too, high school students can speak with current students. There is even a portal for students to look at various departments within a school. Unlike other sites where students can look for information, Morethangrades.com allows the colleges to search for students based on any criteria they choose and begin a converation. Likewise, students can present themselves to colleges based on their strengths and search for colleges of interest. The site is not a social network. It is designed to help colleges find those students who are often overlooked, and to help students not only find information, but guidance. There is even an entire section devoted to getting parents information from experts in the areas of education, saftey, accounting, and even medical information.
The site is up and running but is currently having a new, fresh, look applied to help in the ease of use. Feel free to take a look. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Mike, Co-Founder of Morethangrades.com

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