Answer the Four Questions.

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I was in a comm team meeting last week, and we were reviewing a script of some finely-polished video that is being shot/edited/produced to be played at the beginning of campus visits.

My boss brought up a good point while we were discussing how off the mark and irrelevant the video is.

“Does it answer the four questions?”

  1. Can I get in?
  2. Will I fit in?
  3. Can I pay the bill?
  4. Do you have my major?

Nothing about app requirements.  Not much about current students, just some (hand-picked) student interviews. Totally skipped around the financial aid/what’s it cost to attend Butler section.  And nothing about majors.

Are you answering those four questions with your recruitment efforts?

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Really great points. To often when people put videos together they forget that it’s not about creating a message they (the creator) want to hear, but about delivering the message your audience wants to hear, and addressing their needs, even needs they may not know they have. It goes back to people talking to their audience but not taking the time to listen.

When it comes to the role of video in higher educations I think this is a huge hurdle many have yet to navigate.

We were just having a discussion about video yesterday, and I kept feeling the need to say that just because we think a video idea sounds cool doesn’t mean a student cares as much.

There’s so much that we’d like students to know about our institutions, but they don’t have the attention span for that. Focus is key.

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