Update on Facebook #2013

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There is a lively discussion on the comments of my previous post as well as many other posts in the blogosphere about the situation and implications surrounding it. 11,000 hits in 24 hours… thanks for spreading the word.

In an effort to continue my mantra of ‘educate and inform‘,  I wanted to post separately to highlight this. On Monday I will host 2 free webinars (or more if demand warrants it) to briefly touch on the situation, offer suggestions and advice, and answer any questions that you have about Facebook or social media in general.


The webinars are limited to 20 connections.   If your school connects and has a projector, you can have as many as you’d like in the room.  You must register with a .edu email address or I will ignore your request for a ticket.  Just want to make sure that the proper people are getting the seats! :)   If you are already a social media maven, please consider leaving a spot for someone who might need the help.

Thanks again.  Keep the discussion flowing, I’m enjoying all of your thoughts and comments.


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I’m a little confused about the start time. The top of the page says 1:00pm ET, but the red text at the bottom says CST.

Brad, I will leave a spot open for someone else. Anyway to create a backchannel for the webinar. I’m also thinking ew should create a wiki for people to share best practices.

The time is CST, but I live in EST so it looks like it defaulted to that. I’m in another time zone on vacation. I’ll see if I can get that fixed, thanks for the heads up!

We’ve been using Ning technology to avoid some of this mess at our school. Do you think this scam will hit the Ning technology (connected with facebook indirectly)?

I’d like to join the webinar and try to help come up with best practices moving forward.


Jonathon – I’ve been using Ning for a variety of social networking sites with great success. While it doesn’t prevent this type of situation from happening, it does give more control.

Thanks for the webinar Brad. Good luck with the next one and have a great holiday!

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