Be Proactive in ’09

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Thoughts | Posted on 12-30-2008


Something I’ve been thinking about lately as we approach the New Year…

Be Proactive in ’09, both personally and professionally.

We don’t start exercising until after the doctor tells us about all of our problems.  We don’t get a security system until after our house has been robbed.  We don’t floss until the dentist says its looking pretty bad in there.  We don’t start working harder until after the raise or promotion. We don’t try new media until we realize we didn’t make the class for the fall. We usually look at other schools rather than other industries when seeing what’s new and hot.

Don’t be reactive. Be proactive. Make 2009 your best year yet… for you, for your family and for your university or college.

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Great advice! I hope you repost this about 3 or 4 months from now, when we’ve all forgotten about the New Year and all things new. ;)

Proactive, not reactive- absolutely!

Excellent advice Brad… Now if your Butler hoops squad just would’ve taken it easy on Xavier :)

Thanks for keeping us updated with this info

[...] Be proactive in ‘09. Advice from one of the most proactive higher ed bloggers I know, Brad J. Ward. [...]

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