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picture-2This weekend I noticed a new site called in the news and set up a group for Higher Ed at

How does it work?  First, you login at the top using your Twitter login credentials. Buzzable says your password is encrypted and will never be shared!

Then, go to and join the group. When you post a question here, it also posts it to your twitter account with a link to the Buzzable group.  Any responses that are made to your question from the Buzzable group are threaded as a conversation, making it extremely easy to keep track of everything being said.  You’ll likely even find new people to follow out of the 40+ who have already joined the group!

To keep track of everything being said in the Buzzable group without having to login, you can also follow @higheredbuzz, where all tweets are being aggregated.  But responding to @higheredbuzz or just responding in general won’t add your comment to the thread; you have to go through Buzzable to do that.

Click here to check out Higher Ed on Buzzable today.

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Thanks for trying us out. We hope you will continue to find Buzzable useful, especially as we continue to make improvements.

Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Co-founder, Buzzable

P.S. You should embed the community on this page. Just copy the code from here:

Thanks for setting up the group Brad. I just joined yesterday and haven’t participated yet but I’m looking forward to it. Great to see more higher ed resources out there all the time!

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