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Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education, Thoughts | Posted on 04-01-2009


Nominate for an eduStyle Award.

It’s time for the 2nd Annual eduStyle Awards!  Last year I judged several categories and this year I look forward to judging again and seeing all of the great sites out there across the categories.

If you think might be worthy of the ‘Best Higher Ed Blog’ award, feel free to shoot a nomination my way.  I try my hardest to provide great, relevant content to you each week and will continue to do so in the future.  I keep the blog ad-free and provide tips and tricks that I sometimes should have just kept to myself. :) I hope you get value out of this blog and that it helps you do your job bigger and better.

Thanks again for reading/commenting/sharing this blog. I truly appreciate it! We will now continue with our regularly programmed recording. :)

Click to nominate SquaredPeg for the ‘Best Higher Ed Blog’ Award!

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