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Welcome to the April 8, 2009 edition of Carnival of College Admission! Thanks to Mark Montgomery at http://greatcollegeadvice.com for letting me host this edition. I have found some great content and new blogs from the submissions below. Take a few seconds to look at the great posts below; you’ll definitely find something new and interesting.

JC presents SJ lol’s “Computer science major is cool again” | 6Bubbles – Grad School, Money, Life posted at 6Bubbles.

Erika Collin presents Top 100 Librarian Tweeters posted at Best Colleges Online.

Larry Ferlazzo presents “You’re Going To College!” posted at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL.

Erika Collin presents Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher posted at Best Colleges Online.

Sandi Mays presents The first free college – Online posted at Gen-Y Blogger.

Boarding Schools

Peter Baron presents Gould Academy 9th Grade Trip to China Follow-Up posted at onBoarding Schools, saying, “Brian Fisher conducted a Q&A with Tucker Kimball, Gould’s Director of Communications.”

Choosing the Right College

Wassan Humadi presents Majors, Minors, and Fields of Study at US Colleges posted at Al Jamiat Magazine.

Charles Naut presents Selecting your college posted at myCollegeBLOG, saying, “Short guide to help you select the right college.”

ESN presents Is an Online Degree for You? The Pros and Cons of Online Classes posted at Ace Online Schools.

Dave Van de Walle presents The Most-Requested U Sphere Blog Post Ever — and One Worth Sharing Again in These Crazy Times posted at U Sphere Blog, saying, “20 years later, still haven’t worked for an Ivy League grad…nothing against the Ivies, but it’s possible that there are schools that lack name but might make total sense for you/your kid right now.”

Adam Epstein presents Finding the Right Fit posted at Adamissions, saying, “Sure you have academics, location, and people. But remember that you are going to *live* in this location for the next four years. You need to be comfortable with your decision.”

Gil Rogers presents It this how students at your school really are? posted at University of New Haven Faculty/Staff Blog.

Elizabeth Kudner presents A Year Later: What’s Really Important in Choosing a College posted at myUsearch blog, saying, “Elizabeth Kudner from myUsearch.com offers the perspective from a freshman at Yale on what is really important when choosing a college.”

College Life

Wassan Humadi presents Making Sense of American Slang | Al Jamiat Magazine posted at Al Jamiat Magazine.

Jeannie Anderson presents No More Monkey Business posted at The Writer in Me – Teaching, Writing, Living, saying, “The story of a student who plagiarized.”

Financial Aid

Jim presents Understanding Your College Savings Options posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Peter Baron presents Podcast: Exploring School Sustainability with Patrick Bassett, President, National Association of Independent Schools posted at edSocialMedia, saying, “A podcast exploring school sustainability strategies in the midst of a recession.”

Nate Desmond presents 23 Warning Signs of Scholarship Scams posted at Debt-free Scholar.

Getting Admitted

Lora Lewis presents What, MORE Waiting? Advice for Students in Wait List Hell posted at Keys to College.

Todd Johnson presents True College Admission Rates posted at College Admissions Counseling.

Charles Naut presents Senioritis! posted at myCollegeBLOG, saying, “Advice on how to avoid senioritis.”

O. Daille Nation-Ashley presents College Decisions Are Out posted at CEOmum, saying, “The long wait has ended and now kids need to be guided on what next. Hope I can help in some small way.”

Carleigh presents Role Reversal: Colleges fear student rejection posted at Cramster.com Study Blog.

Mark Truman presents The Global Recession Means Budget Cuts For All Universities, Even Harvard posted at Omniac Attack!.

Linda Abraham presents 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Which B-School Offer to Accept posted at Accepted Admissions Almanac.

Mark Montgomery presents Accepted or Rejected? The Envelope Please…. posted at Great College Advice, saying, “Feeling blue about not getting into your preferred college? In this post a student who attends his last choice college offers a bit of heartfelt advice on video. Check him out.”

Graduate Schools

Nesher presents Why earn an MBA? An MBA degree pays off! posted at Online MBA Study.

TJ Hanson presents A Graduate Degree in Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter? posted at The Digital Student Blog, saying, “One university set to offer a masters degree program in social media.”

Other Cool Stuff

PicktheBrain presents 5 Fascinating Video Lectures from Academic Earth posted at Universities and Colleges.

Tom Williams presents Presentation – SM for Recruiting posted at InnoGage, saying, “The embedded presentation in this blog discusses social media strategies, technologies and monitoring to enhance and improve recruiting efforts.”

Cort Johnson presents Social Media is not a Waste of your Admissions Office?s Time posted at The goSwoop Blog, saying, “Looking forward to the next fair!”

Tom Williams presents Managing a Higher Ed. Twitter Fiasco posted at InnoGage, saying, “Read what happened with Webster University accidentally sent out a fake emergency message, over twitter…on April Fools Day!”

Khan presents The EMBA Story posted at Higher Education and Career Blog, saying, “Choosing an executive MBA program is like picking a mutual fund. There are so many choices that you have the nagging feeling that maybe you’ll choose the wrong one. Where should you begin?”

Eric Perron presents College Level Examination Programs (CLEP) Could Benefit The Average Student posted at Dream Strategy.

Test Prep

Nate Desmond presents 5 Ways to Waste Study Time posted at Debt-free Scholar.

Dagny presents Top 8 Ways To Give Your GMAT Preparation Extra Edge posted at TotalGadha GMAT, saying, “Strategies and tips to prepare for GMAT along with the experiences from the students who came up with flying colours in the test.”

That concludes this edition!! Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of College Admission by using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Great post. Thanks for including us in this edition.

Great edition and thank you. :)

So glad to see this growing so quickly! Great collection of articles as always. Thank you for including us.

Thanks for including me in the carnival!

Thanks for including me!

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Thanks, Brad. Looks great!

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Thanks Brad for including us.

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