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Yesterday was quite a day.  I drove down to Louisville, KY to meet with the good people of AIKCU and do a 3 hour workshop on the social web for higher ed. For the first 30 minutes of our time together, we connected in to the Social Media Summit, presented by Mark Greenfield from the PSUWEB09 conference. I ‘took the stage’ for 15 minutes to share a few Twitter and Facebook research tidbits from our extensive 60 day data.  It was really neat to be able to do this, and present at a conference from a conference.  The AIKCU members got to watch the participation of over 300 other higher ed professionals in real-time, and we had a great time.  (Yes, that was our laughter you heard… :) )  From there we moved into a lively discussion on a wide range of topics and had a great discussion.

(You can see some of the backchannel from yesterday here.)
(You can see the slides from SMSummit embedded below, or click here.)

But the coolest thing I saw all day was at Campbellsville University.  When I walked in to the building, I met Katie.  Her title — Director of First Impressions.

How awesome is that? How would your front desk person think differently about each visitor if they had a title like that? Kudos to Campbellsville and Katie for making a great first impression on me, and for having BlueFuego in town for the day!

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Ha! From what I know, “Director of First Impressions” is the title that they use for a staffer at “The Dave Ramsey Show.” I love it!

High Point University in N.C. has a Director of Wow. See here…

Brad, we enjoyed your presentation and look forward to checking into more social networking integration. BTW, Georgetown College’s receptionist’s position is “Chief Welcoming Officer.” We have fun with it!

Great event — would love to have a copy of the “Social Media slide” with all the options out there. I didn’t see it in the Social Media Summit shared slideshow. Also would love to share my photo of you speaking to the group at Campbellsville University Louisville Campus if you’d send me the preferred e-mail address…or tell me how to attach here?

First, I LOVE the “Director of First Impressions” title. Second, incorporating social media into the higher-ed realm is no small feat. But University of Richmond is beginning to do it, and our Web site redesign is a firm step in that direction:


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