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Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Alumni, Twitter, Viral | Posted on 06-18-2009


I’ve always had an idea in my mind of a hashtag that everyone on Twitter uses to post their alma mater and graduation year, which would help colleges and universities find their Alumni on Twitter (outside of the mandatory and other searches).  Afraid of ‘creating more noise’, I was always hesitant to start a hashtag and try to promote it endlessly to success.

Well, now there’s a way to do it.

Head to and fill out your information, and post it to your Twitter account.  People are doing it all across Twitter this morning. As more do it, more people will click and be interested in the site and ultimately end up filling it out themselves.

As an institution, you no longer have an excuse for not being able to find Alumni on Twitter.  Get to work, just like @DrakeBlake. :)

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Finding old HS/College friends is the reason I left facebook. Now twitter gets destroyed, too? :( This is BS. #midlifeFAIL

I too, like keeping those ecosystems separate, though I’m fine with old college folk who find me on Twitter. But so far, it’s been very, very few. I’m fine with that.

cool concept, i like it

Hi Brad, great blog as always.

It’s an interesting tool for administrators, and I think it helps to take away some of the hesitation from students to interact with Alumni Groups who often are seen as just looking for donations.

Students now have the ability to opt out of the conversation, or just ignore the tweets.

Ultimately, students want to have connections to their alma mater, they just don’t desire those connections to be financial ones.

Check out my commentary on Alumtweet and let me know what you think:

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