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SquaredPeg is back with a new design and ready for another academic year! After a few months off from blogging I’ve had some time to get re-energized about this site and am looking forward to the coming months!

We released our initial BlueFuego research on Social Web Callouts on SquaredPeg 6 months ago and figured that the numbers were going to quickly grow. Now that we’ve compiled and crunched the numbers again, we’re excited to share some of our findings with you. Please feel free to pass this along to your co-workers and colleagues, especially if you are trying to make the case for your institution!

Social Web Callouts in Higher Ed

Of the 1,387 four year schools researched on August 1, 2009:
562 schools (40.5%) had one or more Social Web Callouts (SWC’s) within the criteria.
54 schools (3.9%) had SWC’s on all three criteria (Main, Admission, Alumni).
161 schools (11.6%) had SWC’s on 2 of the 3 criteria.

Of the 1,387 schools, 247 (17.8%) had SWC’s or links on the main .edu homepage. Of these 247 schools:
78.1% linked to Facebook
64.4% linked to Twitter
44.5% linked to YouTube
21.0% linked to Flickr
12.2% linked to MySpace
9.3% linked to LinkedIn
6.1% linked to YouTube (Embed)

Of the 1,387 schools, 235 (16.9%) had SWC’s or links on the main Admissions site. Of these 235 schools:
80.9% linked to Facebook
45.6% linked to Twitter
29.8% linked to YouTube
12.3% linked to Flickr
10.2% linked to MySpace
9.9% linked to YouTube (Embed)
3.4% linked to LinkedIn

Of the 1,387 schools, 282 (20.3%) had SWC’s or links from main Alumni site. Of these 282 schools:
87.23% linked to Facebook
42.20% linked to LinkedIn
40.78% linked to Twitter
18.44% linked to YouTube
12.06% linked to Flickr
11.77% linked to MySpace
5.32% linked to YouTube (Embed)

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I’m going to try to leave this comment one more time :-P

This is all great stuff…and I much prefer this theme to your own one!

Question: Do you find a lot of schools doing video, but not using YouTube to host/embed it?

Karlyn, Yes we did notice several schools are utilizing video across all three pages. We just can’t give you real numbers with this research, as we were looking for YT callouts and embeds only. Maybe another project for next month :)

Oh I don’t necessarily need numbers….I’m just curious. It’s something I’ve come across on a few sites and I just wonder the logic behind it.

We’ve come across a few schools who were doing it that way or even paying for a service to host their videos. YouTube seems like the no-brainer, free storage/uploading and a huge potential audience. Their analytics and tracking seem to be getting better by the month as well!

Great research, Brad as the SWC give a good (if not perfect) indicator of usage in these institutions.

I’m curious: do you advise folks to use Twitter first, and then think about YouTube or are they just doing it because it is easy, quick and doesn’t take a lot of resources compared to launching an online video initiative?

Twitter over YouTube seems a bit weird when you factor in some usage data, i.e. latest Pew Internet survey from April placing online videos ahead of any Twitter activity.

What do you think?

Gotta give the credit to Joe on this one, Karine! He compiled the data, I made the pretty graphs. :)

Twitter is obviously the social media darling of 2009, and when compared to YouTube it has a lower barrier to begin. Twitter is quick and easy to set up as a communication platform, but should not be at the core of any school’s marketing or recruitment strategy. It’s a great supplement, but other things should definitely come first.

We put up our “Interact with Emory” page right after 4th of July, with a prominent visual link from our homepage, and several other spots across the .edu.

Though I’m surprised that we get such little traffic on that page [approx. 100 visits per day]. Does this make the case that instead of putting our SWC on their own page that they should just be directly on the homepage?

Granted, it’s not linked from the Admission home YET, but I just don’t see it getting much traffic.

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