7 Predictions for 2010

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Higher Education | Posted on 01-07-2010


This year, rather than rely on Twitter to hold my predictions, I’m putting them in blog ink.  Turns out Twitter will only let you go back 3,200 tweets, so I can’t get back to mine from last year. :(

1) One that I posted last year was that 2008 was about expanding your social networks, and 2009 would be about refining them.  While it was certainly true for me, 2009 was very much a year of expansion for most people.  Twitter and Facebook exploded in popularity, and everyone wanted to friend everyone.  In 2010 you’ll see a lot of people starting to trim their friend lists and cut back to something more manageable and meaningful.  Many already have, so you won’t be the only one to cut those people you’ve been on the fence about for awhile!

2) Mobile will continue to grow, but mobile marketing won’t be “mainstream” yet. Look towards 2011/2012 for that.  (If you’re in the Asia markets, 2010 is probably your year.)

3) Study Abroad markets will continue to evolve due to the economy and world events.  The marketplace will get much more competitive for US students looking to travel elsewhere.  (Did you know that International Education is Australia’s 4th largest export?? Crazy!)

4) Universities will begin to move control of social web presences from the web team to the marketing team.  (More on this later.)

5) As people continue to be bombarded with brands and messages on social web platforms, your messaging will need to be more relevant and on target than ever.  We’re already seeing declines of up to 70% month-to-month on Facebook Page engagement.  Hooking an RSS feed to your page and expecting results is not an option.  Neither is posting the same stuff month in and month out.   Variety and Relevance will win in 2010.  (Nice Rhyme!)

6) Budgets will continue to force offices to look at cheaper and more effective ways to do marketing.  Budgets should be picked through with a fine-tooth comb.  The whole industry is going to take a hit.

7) New tools? Location based features will become more widely used.  Integration of mobile into the classroom and on campus is possible.  User generated content will continue to be a great source for marketing.

Well, there are a few predictions for this year off the top of my head.  What’s on your list?  Put it in a comment below, so we can look back next year and be amazed or be appalled :)

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I think (hope) we’ll start to see a more strategic use of some social media tools…Twitter is a good example. In 2009, there was a lot of experimentation with Twitter – everyone trying it for everything. I think there was a lot of learning gained from that, and we’ll start to see it used more selectively, as people understand how it can be used most effectively. I think we’ll see this with other social media tools as well, as some of the hysteria starts to die down.

Hey, a girl can dream.

Brad, have you checked out the viral loop iphone and facebook app yet? it’s pretty cool and might be phone to participate in ongoing “predictions.” love the blog.

Lots of new tools! Geo-location is going to explode in the new year. Combine this with augmented reality and it could make for some interesting marketing.

Augmented Reality is great! The iPhone has some very neat apps that utilize it.


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