Can I have your attention, please?

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I ran across this interesting graph at ThoughtGadgets, which shows data from TubeMogul, news outlets and “YouTube stars”.  The lifecycle of a typical YouTube video.

The half-life of a viral YouTube video is now 6 days. Charlie bit me.  David after Dentist.  Evolution of Dance.  Videos have typically stuck around for awhile.  Now, with increasing saturation of content and decreasing attention span (are you still there?), the shelf life of your efforts is quickly diminishing.  75% of eyeballs on a video happen in the first 20 days.  Viral lasted twice as long in 2008.  What’s the future hold?  More of the same.  I’d expect the half-life of a viral video to be 3-4 days within 18 months.

In the future, viral trends will come and go so quickly that most won’t even know they existed. This is huge to understand.  As the web continues to evolve into many micro-communities that make up the whole, it’s possible for trends and memes to sweep through certain areas but not others.   This isn’t the Twittersphere of 2008 anymore.

How to stay relevant and successful? Think narrow, not broad.  Focus on your direct, relevant audience. And most of all, just hope that luck is on your side.

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And don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. With a multi-channel approach, I think it’s still possible to feed the beast. Unfortunately, with more noise comes also the need to repeat yourself.

I guess the real challenge is to find the right balance between necessary repetition and the plain annoying old-advertising approach -even with your most devoted supporters, fans, followers or “likers” who are bombarded by messages online.

lol altho this year at SXSW Damian Kulash gave us this advice about having a video go viral “that basically what it comes down to is boobs or kittens.” His advice starts at around 1:30

I was laughing hysterically throughout this session. It was a great one to go to.

And here is a great recap of that entire session

Like I said, it was a good one.

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Unfortunately, with more noise comes also the need to repeat yourself.

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